Archaeological Micromorphology and Biomarker Research Lab, Instituto Universitario de Bio-Orgánica Antonio González (IUBO)
Avenida Astrofísico Francisco Sánchez, 38206, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
Tel. (34) 922 845 999
Fax: (34) 922 318 571

Antonio Herrera

My research has been primarily oriented to the development of new analytical strategies for the identification and characterization of organic compounds in environmental and food samples. Such methodologies implied the use of different chromatographic and electromigration techniques, including liquid and gas chromatography as well as capillary electrophoresis. I have also worked in the use of new materials for extraction techniques, such as ionic liquids or the well known carbon nanotubes. This experience has allowed me to come into contact with state-of-the-art materials and has sparked my motivation to participate in new, challenging research.

Besides separation techniques, I have also worked with infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) as technician of Universidad de La Laguna's General Research Support Service (SEGAI). The different nature and sources of the samples I have analyzed have provided insights into the kind of information that can be obtained using FTIR.

Working at AMBI Lab is an exciting challenge. I am confident in the potential to obtain a wide range of archaeological molecular biomarkers using different chemical techniques and I hope my experience in analytical chemistry will help us in the understanding of the human past, at least in a small part.